These refer to new measures that will be put into place to prevent crowding or close contact
between people in the workplace. Ensuring physical distances by reducing the number of
people on site is considered an “elimination control “ in that is this approach eliminates or
removes the hazard(i.e. infected people) from being at the workplace.


The Maximum numbers of CUSTOMERS in each of the following areas: 18
18 represents 90% than the usual capacity of customers. Maximum 4 patrons per table.

Washroom 2
Storage Room 2
Table Service Area 16

The Staff Member responsible for managing the occupancy limit is Aneta Crane


Our Hours of Operation have changed:


From 8 AM to 4 PM
To 10 AM to 5 PM

We are maintaining physical distancing in our establishment by

  • Staying home when exhibition symptoms of illness

  • Elimination hand to hand contact

  • Having customers wait outside for a table

  • Having customers seat themselves

  • Operation every sink in washrooms


We are maintaining physical distancing during table service by:

  • Ensuring there are at least two metres between customers seated area at one table and

       customers seated at the other tables, unless they are from the same party

  • Ensuring there are at least two meters between customers seated or standing unless

       they are the same party


We are maintaining physical distancing when delivering food by:

  • Our delivery providers coming to deliver our goods outside of our Hours of operation they

       have no direct contact with customers or staff member.


We have installed physical Plexiglas barrier AT THE PAYMENT AREA where physical distancing
may not be possible between the public and employees
We have placed red tape markers on the floor indoor and two outdoor seats two meters apart
in the front outdoor area of the café

We have made the following changes to the design and layout of the facility:

  • Adding a red tape on the floor to facilitate the flow of the people

  • Re-arranging waiting area by removing extra chairs

  • Providing hand sanitizers at the door for customer’s use when they enter the facility

  • Having a paper towel by entering the facility to use with sanitizing spray


We moved all tables and chairs two meters apart to keep physical distances between the
customers on each table






We have contact information in our POS system (First name and phone number) of the party in
the event that there is a need for contact for tracing on part of the medical officer.


The procedure if a worker is identified as having symptoms is:

  • Send the worker home

  • Contact health officer

  • Ask the worker to check with medical authorities

  • Call 811 or 911


The procedure if a customer is identified as having symptoms is :

  • As the customer to step outside

  • As the customer to check with medical authorities

  • Ask the customer to seek medical attention

  • Closing our facility after a customer with symptoms for 3 hours for indoor disinfection of the facility


We have implemented the following additional Administrative controls In our facility:

  • Our staff sick policy supports workers to stay home if symptomatic

  • We have provided worker’s training and orientation on Covid-19 safety protocols

  • We have provided workers with medical resource information that includes telephone

       numbers and website address for key medical and mental health with approved COVID – 19 information

  • We have posted our key COVID-19 protocols to our websites:



Our protocol for receiving payments and handling cash are as follows:

  • Taking payment only on the payment station

  • We accept all types of payment using contactless POS for customers

  • Cash is taken with protective gloves and des infected immediately

  • After all, the transaction that required entering a PIN we disinfect the touch screen of the POS


We have the following administrative controls for table service:

  • Serving drinks in disposable bottles and cans and providing paper disposable straw for each customer

  • Providing water in a bottle or pouring tap water in the customer own or disposable paper cup

  • Serving food and drinks at the front of the table and letting guests distribute them after the server has stepped away

  • Having guests remove their own dirty dishes

  • Using ONLY disposable cutleries, plates, bottles, cans, napkins, cups



  • Our protocol for receiving the delivery is

  • Delivery must be conducted outside of our Hours Of Operations time

  • Delivery must be conducted with gloves and masks by entering the facility



  • We have implemented the following administrative controls to ensure enhance cleaning

       and disinfection and good hygiene practices throughout the facility:

  • Establishing a Hand Washing Procedure for all staff

  • Handwashing signature signage is provided near all sinks

  • Increasing cleaning between table seating: tables, laminated menus and seat souls be

       wiped and disinfected after each customer

  • Clarified procedure for cleaning staff area and trained employees accordingly

  • Cleaning bathrooms thoroughly and on a more frequent basis

  • Enhanced cleaning at all frequent touchpoints in common areas: walls, tables, chairs,

       condiments, coat hooks, doors including the front door, restroom doors, staff doors, doors to offices

  • Incorporate additional end-of-shift cleaning and disinfection for all shared spaces and services

  • Developing a cleaning schedule

  • Ensuring workers are supplied with appropriate supplies such as soap and water, hand

       sanitizer and disinfection wipes

  • Thoroughly cleaning all touchpoints (doors, windows, door handles, garbage lids, phones)




We have reviewed WORKSAFE BC’S guideline on selection and use of masks.


We have developed a personal protective equipment policy for employees as follows:

  • Use of baseball hat

  • Use of work attire only at work

  • Frequent use of all sanitizing products and procedures during shift 


Employees have received training about:

  • How to put a mask on and off

  • When to change mask

  • The importance of conducting hand hygiene after taking off a mask

  • How to safely put gloves on and off

  • When to change gloves

  • The importance of conducting hand hygiene after taking off gloves